Landon Tewers - Sick Obsession

Landon Tewers - Sick Obsession
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Sick Obsession - Landon Tewers

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Текст песни Landon Tewers - Sick Obsession

I've got this sick obsession,
I want to kill him bad.
He's got some feelings for ya,
I've gotta tell you that I'm not good with keeping myself tame.
I'm in a deep depression,
There's things I can't explain.
You've got my interest baby,
But I don't do a thing for you,
For you, for you, it's true.
Cuz your man's a fucking pussy
And he'll do what you want him to do.
I'd burn some buildings for ya,
I'd kill your parents, too.
Move us to California,
But only if you wanted to move,
Move, move, I'll move for you.
And we'll snort cocaine,
And down a bottle of whiskey at night.
Found out he's cheating on ya.
You fucking took him back.
Just let me send him baby,
Off in a body bag.
I can't escape these feelings,
Can't seem to clear my head.
I need you right beside me.

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